Delicious pancake

Hi I'm enjoing the sun and the spring temperatures I decided to celebrate a little with some super yoummy pancakes with berries and honey on top! (I'd no more maple syrup left..). The recipe is veeeeery easy (just ten minutes needed) and the result is great so here it is the coolest dessert ever!!! :)
Do you want my pancake recipe??

Ciao a tutti!!! Siccome mi sto godendo il sole e le prime temperature primaverili oggi ho deciso di festeggiare con qualche pancake ai mirtilli, lamponi e miele. (scelta obbligata visto che ho finito lo sciroppo d'acero!). Comunque sono venuti altini soffici e porosi come quelli americani...troppo buoni!!! Facili da preparare (una decina di minuti) e deliziosi!! :) 
Volete la mia ricetta dei pancakes?? :)

Scrapbookiando's inspirations

Hi everyone!! Here it is my latest LO...I've done it for a scrapbookiando's contest. I had to be inspired from something in my house..and I chose a strange composition on a wall in my room. As you can (barely) see, there is this squared mirror in my room rounded by a bunch of pictures and musicals/ballets/concerts-thickets!! :) It is just because sometimes I have some extra pics or stuff I like to see. 
I tried to reproduce the same effect down here in my layout! :)

Ciao!! Questo è il mio ultimo layout..l'ho fatto sulla base delle carinissime indicazioni dell'ultima sfida del mese su scrapbbookiando. Mi dovevo ispirare a qualcosa nella mia casa..e io ho scelto questa "composizione" su un muro della mia camera. 
Come si vede (a malapena) nella foto sopra, c'è uno specchio quadrato circondato da una marea di foto e biglietti di balletti,concerti e musicals!! :) Non è una composizione voluta, ma è la conseguenza del non saper dove mettere (e del voler vedere) tutte queste cose.
Ho cercato insomma di riprodurre lo stesso effeto anche nel LO!:)

This is my super cute love "Charlie"...

The mirror..well a sort of. The stamp I embossed and colored (with shiny ink gel pens) is from "Magnolia".
Ecco lo specchio..o almeno quello che dovrebbe essere uno specchio. Per il riquadro ho usato lo stampo della Magnolia embossato e colorato con le penne gel.

The little bloomed tree is from Martha Stewarts.
L'alberello in fiore è di Martha Stewarts.

The journaling is all around the pics. 
Il mio journaling è tutto intorno alle foto.

I hope you enjoy it.
Have a wonderful crafty time. :)

New friends LO

Hi everyone!
Here I am to share a new LO. I made it a week ago, but I hadn't time to share before.
The pic I used it veeeeeeeery old: it's from 2009.
This was the first time me and Bianca went out together. Our friendship started there.
Do you like it?

Ciao a tutti!
Ecco un nuovo LO, che tanto nuovo non è..l'ho fatto una settimana fa (circa) ma non ho avuto tempo per condividerlo...
La foto è abbastanza vecchiotta: è del 2009!
E risale alla prima volta che io e Bianca siamo uscite insieme..e la nostra amicizia è iniziata lì.
Vi piace il LO?

Now I'm into a new scrapbookiando challenge that requires me to get inspired by something in my house..I already have an idea!! :)

Intanto sto già pensando alla nuova sfiduzza di scrapbookiando che richiede di lasciarsi ispirare da qualcosa nella nostra casa. Ho già un idea!!! :D

Breakfast at Sandri's

Good morning world!!!

Today is not a sunny day,but for sure I feel energised as in a summer night..I'm not a student anymore!!! Yayyyy!! ( least...for now) ;)

Anyway in Perugia (my hometown) there is this fabulous café called "Sandri", they make amazing pastries and cakes..but people say that you shouldn't come in, if you are a university student, or you couldn't graduate. (I'm pretty sure this clause is incorrect!!)

So as I am a graduate person..this morning I went to have breakfast there!!! B-) soooo fun!!

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I'm graduate!!!!!

Yayyyyyyyy!!! I'm graduate!!!! This is the best day ever...there were so many friends of relatives. Gosh I totally love them. And the ones who couldn't be there have been so nice to me..they texted/called me. I have the best friends in the world. ;)

I'm so happy. And so relaxed too. Everything has passed perfectly..I can't figure out that's real!! I'm so excited. I'm jumping all around!! I feel so goooooood!!!

I'll post some pics soooo soon!!

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Pinned dress :)

Here it is a better pic of what I meant for "crafty dress". It's super cute, isn't it??

It's a little weird that I took pictures of myself  in the fitting rooms, uh?...yeah that's right. :D In my defense: I just do that when I need an extra approval about something I'm going to buy. So I can show  how do they look on me to my sis Abby! We have more or less the same taste in fact of clothes..(good for her who always rob my stuff!).
Well, actually, when I was taking this photo I was already sure to buy it. :D 

Free time crafty!!

I graduate friday 17th February, cool uh?! I'm super excited...
well it could be a little catastrophe (in Italy friday 17th correspond to friday 13th!!!), but I'm so proud of my thesis that nothing can go bad!
I actually feel a little overwhelmed by things to do and by my feelings (I'm pretty scared!). I can't wait that moment! :)

Yeah, well I had some spare time lately I did something crafty: 2 LO, I get started a new mini album and a sparkly and shiny card form my mom's birthday (she is 50!!!).

Here a new LO. Pics were taken in Vicenza during a class at "Abilmente" craft show this fall.
Hope you like it!

two pieces of mummy's quilt fabric

 Oh, I love the dress I was wearing...can you see that?
White pins printed on it!! :) A little crafty..