Free time crafty!!

I graduate friday 17th February, cool uh?! I'm super excited...
well it could be a little catastrophe (in Italy friday 17th correspond to friday 13th!!!), but I'm so proud of my thesis that nothing can go bad!
I actually feel a little overwhelmed by things to do and by my feelings (I'm pretty scared!). I can't wait that moment! :)

Yeah, well I had some spare time lately I did something crafty: 2 LO, I get started a new mini album and a sparkly and shiny card form my mom's birthday (she is 50!!!).

Here a new LO. Pics were taken in Vicenza during a class at "Abilmente" craft show this fall.
Hope you like it!

two pieces of mummy's quilt fabric

 Oh, I love the dress I was wearing...can you see that?
White pins printed on it!! :) A little crafty..

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