waiting for...?

Actually I'd never seen "Waiting for Godot", but I love the meaning of that drama: the identity crisis, the "incommunicableness" (maybe because everybody feel that way every now and then!?).
Well, I'm just a little moody today, no..wait...ehm, not just "today",I totally am a moody person.

Today I'm into a Sara Bareilles song, I would really love to see a show of her someday...."Please Sara, would you mind to come over here and hold a concert?" (not just for me, of course!!!!)
That's the song...don't you love it too?

Isn't she a very cute dancer?? Easy but very successful steps! :D

Ok...let's talk about scrappy things???
I'm quite ready to attend a scrap-contest in my town...you'll see the pics pretty soon! :)
So you have to wait for me as I have to wait for the contest.
Hear you soon! :D

Have a great week-end.

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Anonymous said...

ciaoooo!!! sempre disponibile per un caffè, quando vuoi :)!! un bacio

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