Hi everyone! Here I am with a brand new layout..
First I wanna say in my defense that I'm not a vain person, to the contrary sometimes I need an extra opinion about my appearence...that's the point!! :) 
When I get into a clothing store (and I feel really indecisive about an item or an outfit) I take a pic and I send it to my sis Abby! :D Most of the times I decide by myself actually...just because the counter-time comes before her answer!! :(

Well...having several pics of this kind...I used them for my latest scrapbookiando's september contest LO!!
Do you like it??
pics taken by my sis Abby.
I used a green cardstock (I loooooooove green!)as background and I made a frame with some patterned paper(a 31x31cm sheet. I cut a 30x30cm square in the middle..).

I love journaling around pics etc....it's decorative!

try to use your alpha as decor...under you can see a strip of paper punched repeatedly 

I tried to use other colors  like blue...but the frame and the THICKERS obliged me to use just green and pink...isn't it so bad, right?
Maybe a little girlish, but on the whole it doesn't look too bad!
[Actually I love it! :D]

vintage metallic embellishment taken from an old pair of trousers! :D

I hope you like it!!

I need some extra scrappy-time..I wanna absolutely end this University and start a new life everywhere but here! :( I need a new place to settle me down...I've just to figure out where and how...but I love this idea.
That makes me happy.
If you have any suggestion...please tell it to me!

Happy scrappy moments!

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