I DO...soon or later!

Hello everyone!!!
Every girl in the world have thought about her own wedding at least once in her life!! So, here I am...(well thinkin' about it a little more than once!) :D , sharing with you ideas, pics, links and whatever I found interesting! 
My friend Ilaria (yes, we are homonymous!) is going to get marry in September, and I'm super excited, because I'm going to take care of some "crafted decorations"!! :D yeahhh!
Maybe few ideas could be a little "girlish", but I really adore them!! :D

So...here some THINGS I WOULD DO:
yeah, I know...you are thinking "what the hell is she talking about?!" right?
It simply will be in a little corner of the garden (we'll have an open-air-lunch) where I'll place a web (a real one used for fishing, because the groom is a fisherman), and a little decorated table, here the guests will found some embellished pieces of paper, glittered pens, die cuts, glue and colored little pegs. 
Here, everyone, can write a note to the happy couple!
I'm also looking for a way to find a camera and a little photo printer (it would be great to have a Polaroid instead, but it is too expensive!)...so the guests can be attach their pics too.

it would be great to have a LOMO camera, but of course it would be useless as it's not digital!! it's still great!!
DIANA is one of my favourites! look at the web site!
the entrance is covered by an iron structure/framework which I'll transform into a sort of wedding arch, using floating ribbons and paper/fabric flowers.
I had the picture that inspired me, but I can't find it right now!! :( sorry!
I hope it would be amazing! :D

I'll try to repeat some Martha Stewart inspired paper flower balls..I've seen the tutorial, so I've just to try to make them!! :D
here the video!

thanks to  JBaileyOccasions to share! :)

 well there are so many things I wanna do, in a while I'll show you all, for now I wanna share some inspirational pics with you...
I'll show you what I do......stay tuned!

As I wasn't looking for a dress for the ceremony I hadn't to get in any shop, right? Well, clearly summer sales were looking for me!! :D
Generally, when I get into a shop looking for something I absolutely need, that's the time I couldn't find anything at all... (reasons: 1.things don't fit well on me. 2.there's not my size/number/... 3. too expensive.)
Well, I came into Liu Jo's shop and that's what I had in my shopping bag when I went out:

I tried this dress with a fabulous pair of glossy black heels..that made my legs look sooooooo thin!!
I couldn't bought them as I looked 12 cm taller than my 178 cm! 

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