Anniversary card

I'm becoming a big fish in my little pond....Many friends of mine are asking to me for every kind of scrappy/crafty things: albums, cards etc...
And I'm sooooooooooo glad they really appreciate the things I create!!! :D
Even if I'm a little overexcited when I talk with them about scrap they don't hate me at all (well at least, not yet!)... actually they love me very much. Just to make you believe it:
for my birthday they (and my brother too) gave me something from "Ritagli di tempo" (the scrap supplies shop in Bastia). I received a lot of paper and cardstocks,  a ballerina punch, a clear stamp set, ribbons and brads!!!
And my best friend Marta gave me a ticket to attend two scrapbooking classes at the same shop! :D
They are the best friends ever, aren't them?

Just to make my scrapper-ego rise, my super duper friend Bianca asked me to create a card for her parents' anniversary.
I am so proud to show you the result......
....ta da!!!!!!!!
the title means "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" in italian. I love this font!!

The sentence means something like: "LOVE is the guide and the path"
This is an hard cover card. I had two old pieces of cardstock, I put them together with some tape, then I cover them with this flowered pale blue paper and folded the centre...
I actually did a mess at that passage because of the inner didn't want to stay glued without making any "air bubble" (I hope you can understand what I mean!), so I had to cut it in the middle (where the card folds)...but the result wasn't so bad, cause I simply covered it with some ribbon.

I didn't mention something LEGEN-DARY (thanks HIMYM!):
the round part was ROTATING!!!
By one side you can see the Coelho quote, but by the other side there was a pic of Bianca's parents!!

here you can see the "rotating effect"!

I totally want to say THANK YOU to Bianca, not just because she asked me for a card, but also because she's sooooo patient to me. Furthermore, she took this pics of the card for me, she know what craziness means so she pander to me.

PICS made by BIANCA B.

(goodnight scrappin' friends)

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