Uh-uh Ah-ah!!!

Hi everyone...
I'm so busy lately,because of some huuuuuuuuge exams, that I could barely think on scrap! :(
I'm waiting to know who the winner of the scrapbookiando's july-august LO contest, will be.. (Let's hope is me, right?)
In the last few days my super cute friend Bianca (you can call her Blanche too!) modified my blog a "little" bit... :D I'm a mess with technology! :D

Well I found that scrapbookiando's giveaway and I suggest it to you too...
and my suggest for the shop is to sell MANY MANY thickers!!!(I told you I love thickers????)
have a tour and leave a comment!

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littlemisssunshine said...

bello bello bello questo nuovo layout!

littlemisssunshine said...

e ma certo che sei un po' tonta... :) ho un tuo punch a farfalla, che ti è caduto nella mia macchina sabato... il riscatto da pagare è ovviamente altissimo... :):):) <3 you!

Lalla said...

ahahah...ok!! adesso verifico qual'è dei due...e decido se lasciarlo morire o pagare.. :D
scema. tanto so dove abiti! :)

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