soooooo in love with....

I mean if you don't know Elsie, is time to pop in and see what she does.
She's an extraordinary lifestyle-fashion-.........-blogger and shop owner.
If I'll ever go to USA again I'll go to meet her!!
(As her sister is a blogger too and as they work together,my little sis Abby is telling me we absolutely have to do the same!!)
Maybe......... :D

Here their new look video!
It's great,isn't it?

Yes, I India people speak English!
But...have you ever seen how artistic (and curly, and bold and somehow feminine! :D) hindi script is?
Let me show you...
...isn't it great?
I would love to have more time to spend to learn it, but I'm pretty busy lately. I bought a book few months ago, but I have to tell you the truth: I'm not at a so good point.! :(

My taste in clothes is changing...well someone would say it was time, at least...
via A BEAUTIFUL MESS thank you Elsie!!!! :D

ASOS 96.15€

ASOS 51,28€

I love them...but, what about their latest song?
Ok, it isn't so bad, I love Chris yelling "Paraaaa-Paraaaa-Paradise", but maybe it's a little too commercial.
I love 'A rush of blood to the head'...have you ever read the text? Yeah,it's just a "little bit" melancholic... ;D but it's so intense,isn't it?

So I'm trying to figure out if a good fan (or maybe just a REAL one) has to love everything his "heroes" make, or has to be conscious when they simply "fail" (yes FAIL is not the right word, I can't express myself properly about this!)..I'm not deeply in love with their latest songs, so the question is:
Am I a good fan or not?
Who's a good fan: a follower, or a conscious admirer?
:D (shame on me!)

check their blog, and watch the videos.
Obviously, if anyone goes to USA in a while...please: "think to me!".
Damn italian craft shops! :(

Have a great week-end! :D

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