jewelry? no! it's A PIECE OF ART!!

Ok...I'll try to write it down in english..
it'll be not so easy to me (I'm very out of practise!), but I'll TRY!

First of all...I've to mention the DEDEGUMO's timepieces.
Those hand-crafted watches are simply fabulous!
That's not my favourite one, actually I fell in love with the "oyasumi" goodnight one...(to see it go to )
The process is fascinating an artisanal and CRAFTY method(that's the reason why do I love them?)!!
That really is a piece of art.. :D
Ah!! And looking for a store, what did I discover????
............of course there is only ONE store, and it is in..........
I mum was there just 3 weeks ago, I spent an entire month in NYC last year, but I found the existence of these timepieces just now??
That's always like that...someone is kidding me! :D time!! 

Last but not least, a brand I love, that I'm following for a while:
(click on the name to go to the website)

I love the klimt line!

Maybe one of this could be my parents' present for my graduation?!

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